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If you are planning on exhibiting your brand, company, products and services, you only have one chance to catch your clients attention. Make sure you make an impact at this years exhibitions with the help of Mix Media Events.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; tailoring our services to meet each individual client’s requirements. Our consistent dedication to excellence has helped to place us at the forefront of our industry and ensures that our clients return to us time and time again.

Our team of talented professionals can transform your black canvas booth into a breath taking and attention grabbing booth for your staff to represent your brand and purchase your products.

Add JBLs top of the line speakers to your booth to make sure your clients can hear you over your competition, and considering that they might be located right next to you, you have to make sure that YOU grab YOUR clients attention.

Our sleek stands, elegant and stylish designed speakers will also blend into your booth without taking up all of your valuable real estate you have paid for.

Another great way to enhance your booth and services is to use our LED uplighting. Create something that will attract your clients as they walk towards your booth. Lighting the walls, uplighting trussing or even lighting the floor just in front of your exhibit/booth are fantastic ways to make sure your clients notice you and your products and services!


“Amazing guys who work so hard at what they do and make every effort to make every product they sell to people perfect!”

― Felicity K