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Show off your brand to your clients with an impressive and formal event. Our professional team can help top off your function with a suitable sound system,
venue accent lighting, awards ceremony and perhaps an amazing after party as well.
After the formalities are complete – unwind and relax after a long week of conferencing by dancing the night away with our entertainment team and their talented DJs.

The extensive knowledge of our event management team gives our team the edge and proud to offer client consultation, technical expertise and dedicated Event Management. Mix Media Events is skilled in providing a blend of services to meet the entertainment and presentation requirements of your organisation.

We offer advice on production impact, entertainment and venues and additionally, supply assigned event co-ordinators to organise and manage your event from the initial enquiry to the after sales service meeting.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; tailoring our services to meet each individual client’s requirements.
Our consistent dedication to excellence has helped to place us at the forefront of our industry and ensures that our clients return to us time and time again.

Our team will provide the right size sound system to suit your guest list and budget. Our systems are ready to go with MP3 connections for background music for earlier in the day and wireless microphones for all your speeches and announcements.

One of our team can be on hand to oversea all aspects of our equipment and services, monitoring volumes, music and microphones for speeches if required.

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Our services also offer lighting to our wedding clients which add a fantastic atmosphere and colour to any venue, transforming even the most boring rooms into a visually stunning wedding.

Whats Next?

Firstly, get in touch with us, send us a quick email detailing dates, venues, if possible; a budget and any ideas you and the committee have and if applicable,

your theme.

When possible we like to meet with the organising committee to sit down and discuss the overall plan for the evening
so that we can work together to create the best experience we can offer.

This meeting will include decisions on lighting and sound for the entrance and main venue such as speakers playing themed music as your guests walk in or any visuals playing on screen etc.
We will provide original and unique designs that our team have created especially to suit you and your event and if applicable its theme.
We try and get our equipment to match your theme such as a previous Avatar themed ball,
we created a DJ booth out of wood and provided Avatars in costume to mingle with the guests.!

For boutique events, we provide free of charge a to scale 3D visualisation to show how your event will look,
how obtrusive centre pieces are and how much room there is spare. This is a fantastic way to understand how your ball will look.


“Amazing guys who work so hard at what they do and make every effort to make every product they sell to people perfect!”

― Faeryl R